A specialist optical practice

5 Newmarket Street
01292 284555 


Jordans is an opticians with a difference - we spend more time, we will often undertake specialist tests in visual processing, we use cross sensory interventions, we undertake research and development and much more

Our attitude is different - we are not a multiple - we are flexible, spend time with you, and care. Our prices are competitive, although we do not claim to be cheapest. If you want the cheapest price it is inevitable that corners are cut and that is not a sensible thing to do with something as important as your eyes, vision and health.

We have won a number of awards, have appeared on TV on documentaries, radio and the national press. We are currently involved in a number of research projects and where appropriate use research style cutting edge techniques in practice.

We also offer a unique service in Scotland - we assess and manage visual perception and its affects on all the sensory systems. This can make a massive difference to visual performance and comfort, it can address many sensory conditions, some of the affects are literally life changing!